Monday, December 10, 2012

wishing and hooping

It's almost Christmas! I've been a busy bee trying to get crafts crafted and packages posted in time for the holidays, and do believe I've succeeded... whew. I spent this week working on kitschy dishtowels for my Canadian family, and I'm especially pleased to have finally finished the blue blanket which I'm sending off as a 30th birthday gift for my big brother. 

Today was one of those rainy grey days that the west-coast part of me adores, so I spent it on another favourite past-time: baking! Specifically holiday baking. I'm putting together thank-you packs for the family we'll be staying with for Mr's graduation ceremonies this weekend in Alabama. I whipped up a batch of dough to chill, then worked on some peanutbutter treats and made my favourite: butter tarts. They're better (I think) when they sit for a few days, so I figured I could get away with making them early. It took everything I had not to eat them! 

And finally, the autumnal quilt is finished! I put it on the hoop yesterday and began the long process of quilting it tonight, with chocolate thread in a chevron pattern. I'm trying to take a moment to enjoy having it completely pieced and sandwiched, but it needs to be finished by early February so I had better get to work! Hope everyone is being the appropriate mix of lazy and productive this week!


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