Sunday, February 9, 2014


There have been many changes since I wrote here last, friends - but today I'm being moved to gush about the change of seasons, the kinetic energy I feel in my muscles and bones that scream "Spring is coming!"  I am not a winter person (I know that some people are, and I applaud their fortitude) - cold weather puts me into stasis, where it is all I can do to pull myself out of bed and perform the medial tasks required of me to keep us happy and clean. There are no plans made, no bursts of energy to start some great project or other - there is just hibernation and dreaming. But today... today I awoke with that FEELING, like a cat ready to pounce, that change is coming. I have big dreams for us this year: for our new home in a new place; for our lives and our animals; for our lovely big yard and the property that backs onto it. This is the year I want to give to, and get back to, the earth. I want to know the community we're living in, and help them with their endeavors. I want to surround my loved ones in things I've made, and give to them the fruits of my labour. I can feel those dreams and hopes and wants coiled inside of me, like a snake about to strike.

So today, I will use my burst of energy to make my home a little cozier - and continue to dream about the months to come.