Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy December! I'm not feeling very festive yet but I'm hoping that will come. The to-do list of Christmas crafting seems endless, and there are never enough hours in the day. My urge to bake all manners of deliciousness is rising, and I am doing everything I can to hold of just a little bit longer.. to try and avoid consuming too much, too soon. Isn't that always the December struggle? 

I took our pups for a hike this week, in "the subdivision that time forgot" behind our house. It is so peaceful back there - birds chirping, the sound of grasses rustling together in the wind, hawks and eagles swooping low to have a look at us. The sun made it quite warm, but that didn't stop the little pup from leaping in and out of the wilderness following some scent or other. I decided it would be a good day to hike the big hill at the very end of the road.. although once we got half way up, the old boy and I were wondering what we had gotten ourselves in to.

The view from the top is lovely though, and there is a big fallen tree that seems perfectly placed for resting. Little pup Early dashed about furiously while us old creatures sat a spell, and then headed back home for water and a nap. An hour well spent.

I've been working hard trying to finish this crocheted blanket, but it seems something else is always calling me away. I've made some good progress on the autumnal quilt and hope to sandwich it soon - I need to have it quilted by February; and then there's Christmas cards to address and shopping to do... I love the holidays, but I'm so looking forward to just relaxing with some boozy cocoa and my heartstrings.

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