Tuesday, November 20, 2012

new growth

Good morning! I'd love to say I've had a productive busy weekend, but alas it would be a lie. My darling husband brought home these stunning orange-tipped spider mums to replace my withered roses; I've never seen anything quite like them. He said they made him think of me - a little wild and orange around the edges, a compliment I will accept gladly. They have added the perfect pop of colour to the kitchen, and I will be sad to see them fade.

I spent most of my weekend curled up sick on the couch, watching TV and dozing. On a medicine run, my husband bought me this silly card which says "MILK IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH" on the inside, and shoved it at me any time I tried to fix myself a beverage or snack. His persistence kept me well rested and I am feeling much better now, although I'm sure he thinks I'm a terrible patient. Getting well again quickly was imperative because we're going to visit some of his family for Thanksgiving, which happens to be my favourite holiday, and I would hate to have missed it!

On a final note, I pulled down my little Christmas cactus this morning and noticed that it's growing a new section! See that tiny pink little nub on top? My mother-in-law's cacti are in full bloom and I'm a touch jealous, but my little plant was a 2-segment section found broken in her trunk earlier this year and I'm pleased as punch to have it growing at all. You can see the piece on the right where my cat thought it would make a fun chew-toy - I'm torn as to whether I should break it off in hopes of new growth, or let it alone. Plants growing in winter always serve to remind me that although it's chilly and barren now, spring is not far behind.

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